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The mission of Studio Reset is to provide an encouraging and supportive environment which offers a complete "reset" for the body, mind and spirit through the practice of yoga. Studio Reset currently offers yoga sessions at multiple locations around Central Illinois. Whether this is your first time, or your 100th time, find your "reset" here at Studio Reset.

Valerie wright
Owner and Instructor

Today’s world can be so hectic. Our plates are not just completely filled, they are overflowing. The constant stress placed on our mind and body is overwhelming, at best.

The technology of smart phones, smart watches, and laptops (just to name a few) have allowed us to stay connected 100% of the time, but are we connected to what truly matters most? How often do we allow ourselves the opportunity to find stillness and just “be?”

Connecting with our breath through the practice of yoga provides an opportunity to find calmness and stillness that no technology could begin to provide.

If you find yourself stressed and overwhelmed, Studio Reset offers a guided practice to provide the “reset” needed for your life.


Valerie has been growing in her yoga practice since 2011. In the beginning it was more about powering through the poses and checking it off of her weekly exercise schedule. In fact, the savasana time at the end of each yoga practice felt more like an “adult time out” than the meditative, relaxing state it was meant to be. Funny how the very thing she was trying to avoid (calmness and stillness of the body AND mind) was exactly what she needed.

Valerie became a nurse in 1999 and has always had a passion for teaching. In 2009 she obtained her Masters in Nursing Education and began teaching the next generation of nurses. In 2016, Valerie graduated with her Doctorate in Nursing Practice. To celebrate the completion of her education journey, Valerie signed up for a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica – specifically Marianne Wells Yoga School. http://mariannewells.com This training certified her as a 200-RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) with the Yoga Alliance – an internationally-recognized credential that she feels honored to have obtained.

Valerie had no idea how much her yoga training would transform her life. For the first time, she experienced the calmness and stillness that yoga so generously offers and now has a passion for sharing that practice with others. Valerie especially loves teaching kids yoga as well as Christian yoga. Twice a year, she leads a yoga ministry in Liberia, Costa Rica, where she shares her love of Jesus and yoga with the beautiful souls she has the privilege of encountering. She has also been given the blessing to continue her Christian yoga ministry in her hometown. It is in the calmness and stillness that Valerie believes we are able to hear God's still small voice. She believes God is always wanting to talk with us, His precious children, we just don't slow down long enough to hear Him. For more details, check out her classes.